Primary Care

We offer primary care and cooperate with many insurances. Regular appointments include physical exams, wellness visits, chronic illness management and sick or problem visits.

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Women's Health

We provide women's health visits including annual exams with pelvic and breast exams, Pap and STD tests, problem focused appointments, contraceptive management and basic lesion removal.

We refer out for obstetrics & surgery

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Focused Consultation

We also see patients on a consultation-type basis, meaning we do not have to be your PCP to help you with some of your concerns. We often see patients for GI and nutrient / lab counseling, thyroid and low energy concerns as well as certification for the NH therapeutic cannabis program.

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Hormone Health

We provide consultation regarding hormone management as we help our patients to achieve optimal hormone levels so they can feel better and age healthier. We are adept at managing thyroid, reproductive and adrenal hormones to help with chronic fatigue, mood difficulty, poor sleep, weight trouble, low bone density and muscle mass, elevated cardiovascular risk, brain fog, low libido and more.


Our sister company, Compass Hormone Health LLC was the 1st in NH to be
certified to implement the BioTE Hormone Optimization Method.

For more information on this please check the BioTE website of call Compass Hormone Health @ (603) 749-0002

For BioTE Site Link Click Here

Happy to Help You Find Your Way

Our goal is to provide holistic health care in a comfortable privately-owned office setting where we take the time to get to know our patients and give them the opportunity to take an active role in their healthcare.

We enjoy focusing on individual wellness and believe someone’s mindset can greatly impact his or her health. We strive to educate people on how the body operates in health and sickness so to guide and empower our patients as they help their body function at its best. We believe in regular appointments and lab work to help us keep you informed and striving for optimal wellness while understanding that each patient will have a unique definition of what that means.


Using a patient-centered functional approach we work to treat the root cause of someone's concerns by working to address the patient's physiology, environment and lifestyle habits to help improve their health.

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Next Steps...

At this time, we are currently only taking new patients for hormone management and therapeutic cannabis. If you are interested in becoming a patient please see the forms tab to access the new patient paperwork. Because we customize our appointments to each patient's needs, we ask that you return the listed forms so we can review your history before scheduling you for your initial visit. This allows us to set aside an appropriate amount of time based on what you are hoping to accomplish when we first meet.  *Anyone looking to establish for other types of care can be added to a wait list for the future if the would like.