Laura Hudson FNP-C, APRN
-Owner & Provider

Laura Hudson is a AANP Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner providing holistic health care in her comfortable office-based setting. With over 13 years of college education, NP Hudson has studied at multiple institutions to achieve a broad knowledge base, allowing her to address many healthcare needs. As an independent Nurse Practitioner, she can be your PCP or someone you seek counsel from regarding your specific concerns. Laura enjoys focusing on individual wellness and believes someone’s mindset can greatly impact their health. Because of this Laura enjoys taking extra time with her patients to educate them on how the body operates in health and sickness. NP Hudson works with her patients to guide and empower them as they help their body function at its best.

Since beginning at the Journey to Wellness, Integrative Wellness Center in early 2016, Laura has been focused on providing women’s healthcare including basic gynecological care, along with managing several conditions with pharmaceutical, complementary and alternative treatment options. Laura has extensive knowledge regarding the use of therapeutic cannabis to help those of her patients who qualify and wish to certify for the NH Therapeutic Cannabis Program. She also enjoys managing thyroid and gastrointestinal dysfunction and has attended courses to expand her skills with regards to nutritional counseling and management.


2001 - 2004  3-year Associates Degree in science- Dental Hygiene *Cum Laude

2004 -2005  Bachelors Degree in Science - Dental Hygiene *Magna Cum Laude,  -Minor focus in advanced coursework in nursing.

2004 Trained and certified to administer nitrous oxide

2004 National Dental Hygiene Honor Society: Sigma Phi Alpha Inductee

2005 Level 1 Therapeutic Touch Practitioner

2005 Trained and certified to administer a local anesthesia

2005 Teaching Intern –community health

2005 Per diem University clinical instructor

2004 - 2013 Advance trained pediatric and adult dental hygienist and oral health educator.

2010 - 2012 Associates degree -Nursing *Cum Laude

2011 Nursing Honor Society - Phi Theta Kappa Inductee

2011 – Current Founder / CEO Seacoast Toy Towers, motivational and rewards program for kids

2011 Level 1 Reiki Practitioner

2012 - 2016 Pediatric, adult, disabilities & geriatric nurse with independent and management positions

2015  Infection Control Practice –research and implementation clinical internship

2014 - 2015 Bachelor's in science -Nursing *Summa Cum Laude

2014 American Nursing Credentialing Center, specialty board certification -Pediatric Nursing Specialist

2014   Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing

2014   Golden Key International Honor Society

2015  Medical Mission –Dominican Republic

2015 - 2016 Masters of Science –Nursing: Family Nurse Practitioner *Summa Cum Laude

2015 – 2016 Clinical internships: Internal medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, gynecology and urgent care

2016 American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

February 2016 Joined My Friend’s Gynecologist and Primary Care for Women.

May 2018 Nominated and Selected as a Trademark Women of Distinction

July 2018 Formed Compass Family Health LLC  -Owner

2018 Began Doctor of Nursing Practice program at Purdue University Global.

February 2019 BioTE Hormone Optimization Program Certified Provider

2019 Selected by Today's Nurse - as A Top Nurse Practitioner in Dover, NH.

2019 Awarded membership to Worldwide Leaders in HealthCare

2019 Honored Member: Continental Who's Who of Professionals


Jennifer Skoczylas FNP-C, APRN

Jennifer Skoczylas is a AANP Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner who studied under NP Hudson while she was completing her nurse practitioner internships. Jennifer has been a Registered Nurse in a local Emergency Department for many years. Among other things, her skill set commonly includes treating injuries and wounds as well as  assessing and managing urgent and life threatening matters. Like NP Hudson, she can be your PCP or someone you seek counsel from regarding your specific concerns. At the office you will likely see her managing day of appointments and acute illnesses while she builds her primary care panel. Jennifer enjoys performing procedures and is always excited to help someone with a holistic approach to care.

NP Skoczylas is known as a patient advocate as well as a caring, and self-motivated health care provider.  She enjoys being be part of a team that facilitates education as well as helps empower patients. This is why Jennifer decided after completing her rotation with Laura Hudson, that she would like to return to the practice to continue to work with her. Her goals also include enhancing the health of the community through community projects and education.


1997-2007 Licensed Cosmetologist: Hair Designer and Educator

2007-2008 Licensed Nursing Assistant -Exeter Hospital

2006-2008 Associates Degree in Nursing -Great Bay Community College

2008-2015 Progressive Care Unit RN -Exeter Hospital

2015-Present Emergency Department RN -Exeter Hospital

2016 – 2018 Clinical internships: Internal medicine, pediatrics,  gynecology / Obstetrics.

2018 Master of Science in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner -Walden University

2018 American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

July 2018 Joined Compass Family Health

February 2019 BioTE Hormone Optimization Program Certified Provider

June 2019 Professor of Nursing @ St. Joseph's College, Nashua NH.


Other Certifications:


Specialized SANE (sexual assault) training including pelvic examination and specimen collections

Trauma/contusion/laceration management

Orthopedic splinting

Meet the Team



Aimee one of our Administrative Assistants. She used to work at the front desk but is now playing more of a role behind the screens. Aimee helps with billing and insurance, as well as with medical records. If you have a billing question she might be one of the people to help you.

Alex RN

Alex is a Registered Nurse and our clinical manager. She has a bachelors degree in Nursing Science. She handles most of our hormone pellet consultations, triage and prior authorizations while over-seeing the clinical staff. She is available to help you with questions as she is a link between you an your provider.


Steph is our practical nurse who prior to entering nursing, was a massage therapist. She has a bachelors degree in atlernative healing from UNH and has been working towards her Master’s degree in counseling. Stephanie works part-time assisting providers, charting as well as providing body and energy work.



Candace is a Certified Medical Assistant. She has extensive knowledge and experience in dermatology and women’s health, along with family medicine. She loves surgical procedures, is trained to administer anesthetic. She will often be assisting, speaking with patients and sending medications.


Stephanie is a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant who is at the front desk to help you check in and out of visits while she makes sure we have your insurance and medical paperwork up to date. Stephanie will also be happy to answer your calls, schedule visits and transfer you to a clinical team member if she is not able to answer all of your questions.


Deb is one of our Administrative Assistants, who has a Master's Degree in Healthcare Administration. She has also worked on the clinical side of medicine as a nursing assistant. Her role is versatile as she may help you check in or out, scheduled appointments, or triage your calls. Because of her medical training she also takes triage calls and be in the room assisting procedures.


We pride ourselves on being a tight knit group of ladies that share the same goal to help others. To ensure we function well as a team we often share lunch most days and engage in team building activities monthly. These are a few photos of us engaging in some team activities.