Below are links to our Direct-to-Patient Supplement accounts which offer discounts so our patients can purchase quality and properly stored nutraceuticals. 



On our Fullscript (*used to be Wellevate) site you can find a 20% provider discount on thousands of professional-grade / brand name nutraceuticals which are reliably sourced and stored.  You can look here to see some of our favorite brands and specific supplements.



On our WholeScripts site you can access our “medpax” which are pre-packaged daily doses of several supplement combinations for our patients. This is where you can find a general daily supplement pack or any of our hormone metabolism packs-these are great for our HRT pellet patients! This pre-packaged combinations are also provided at a discount for you.



Through our Direct-to-patient BioTE account you are able to order the same supplements that we keep in stock at the office. Pricing is similar to what we offer at the office, and shipping is free if you order $79 or more at once.


Use this link to order CBD products via Endoca where code "Compass25" can be used to get 25% off product total: